Unlucky Victim from a Fight at JB Customs

An unlucky Facebook user had posted online in regards to an incident at JB Immigration, BSI –
Bangunan Sultan Iskandar
, whereby there was a fight between a Malaysia-registered Van – WLN 4018 and a Singapore-registered car – SMF 1806 A.

According to the post, during the fight, the complainant’s car was damaged as the fight happened right beside his vehicle.

Complainant then informed when he tried to approach to claim damages from both parties, the Singapore-registered driver was very uncooperative and drove off abruptly..

*Note: All identities are masked to protect the privacy of all parties.

Below is the extract from the original post:

I was involved in an unnecessary scuffle/incident between a sg car plate (SMF1806A) and a MY van car plate (WLN4018) in BSI (JB Customs)

Both had a fist fight beside my car, and damage was done to my car side passenger door. When I confronted both, MY guy was cooperative, while the SG car driver was arrogant. When I tried to speak to him, he was not communicative and when I tried to take a photo of him n his car while in standing in front of his car, he stepped on his accelerator and hit me.

I was furious from his actions and that was why I told him “I don’t care about you 2, but damage was done to my vehicle, I have time to wait”.

The customs officer was not helpful by shouting at me instead of helping me. The innocent party that was involved in this unnecessary situation.

I am still on my way into sg, I will lodge police report both side.

Please if you know the sg driver, pls advise him. Admit to your own fault and don’t try to run ppl over when u r in the wrong. The MY driver even told me how this all stated was with you trying to squeeze into his line and u even pointed him the “middle finger”.

Here is the original Facebook post:

Below is the driver of the Singapore-registered car that drove off when the complainant tried to talk to him about the damages..

Complainant will be lodging a police report in regards to the case.

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