Complaint SingaporeFacebook Group (& Page) is the First & Original Complaint Facebook Group in Singapore since 2017, providing an Arena for Everyone to Vent their Anger & Unhappiness, Share Bad Experiences in Singapore and Most Importantly, COMPLAINT~!!
Go On, Release Your Steam Here~!!

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For security reasons, anyone being reported or found participating in other Facebook group or page (or social media) that imitate COMPLAINT SINGAPORE (or infringe our copyright & trademark etc) in any manner will be banned permanently.

To appeal against the ban, ensure you exit/unjoin all Facebook group/page (or social media) that imitates COMPLAINT SINGAPORE in any manner, and PM or complaintsingapore [at] gmail .com with reasons on why should we unban you, subjected to our assessment and approval.

A1. Due to growing amount of negativity, sarcasm, insults, irrelevancy, violations etc, we will be turning off commenting for some posts (and mute/ban some members) as necessary.

A2. As keyword detection is enabled, usage or spamming of GIF, avatar, emoji, video or image etc when commenting are disallowed. Violators will be muted or banned.

A3. Members had recently reported many FAKE Facebook groups & pages imitating us. Henceforth, for security reasons, anyone being reported or found participating in other imitation group/page will be banned permanently.

A4. New members who failed to agree to our group rules before joining or participating, will be muted for 28 days as a form of “buffer period”.

A5. “Non-Member or Visitor” are not allowed to comment in our group, upon their participation request, they will be muted for 28 days by default, and subsequently banned for security reason.

A6. Dubious, offensive, fake or overseas Facebook profiles will be muted for 28 days as a form of “buffer period” for security reasons in our group, subjected to our moderators’ assessments, which is final and uncontestable.

A.7 For accountability, any “Anonymous” posts are disallowed in our group. If member wishes to post anonymously due to valid reasons, please PM or email us at complaintsingapore [at] gmail .com to seek our assistance to post on your behalf.

Immediate Mute/Ban For These Top Violations:

1. Use of Unauthorized Vulgarity/Obscenity
2. Posting of 3rd Party Contents/Advertisements
3. Use of Extreme Sarcasm or Undue Insults
4. Encourage Others to Post/Report Elsewhere
5. Name-Calling (KPO, Karen, Sinkies, Idiot etc)
6. Recommending Business/Service/Social Media
7. Touching On Political/Racial/Religion/Gender
8. Abetment/Ignorance of Crime/Offence/Rule
9. Posting LIVE Video/Auction/Sale/Fraud/Spam
10. Commenting With GIF/Avatar/Emoji/Image

*Note: To Avoid Any Legal Liability or Criminal Prosecution,
Please Censor All Contents That May Violate the Privacy of Any Parties or Entities etc. 

We DO NOT Allow Any Unauthorized Advertising, Auction, Sale, Petition, Voting (Polling), Promotion, Dating, Gathering, Fund-Raising, Crowd-Funding, Friend-Seeking, Meeting, Events, Live-Feeds, Videos, Inspiration & Shout-Out Message, Announcement, Broadcasting, Website or Facebook Page/Group (or Social Media) Sharing, Forwarding or Referrals etc. Any Repeated, Excessive or Posting of Similar or Irrelevant (to this Group) Posts are Strictly Disallowed.

For All Advertising Query or Request on
Our Official Facebook Group, Page or Website.
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We DO NOT Condone to Any Violent, Doxxing or Discriminating Act/s Against Anyone or Entity etc, including Anyone from Submitting Any Posts or Comments In Any Suggestive Manner that May Promote, Leading, Encourage, Incite or Draws Negative or Adverse Political, Religious, Race, Sexual, Social, Criminal, Vulgarity, Spam, Hatred or Offensive Views, Acts or Responses etc.

Due to the Increase of Unauthorized Advertising Spamming By Newly-Joined Members, We Will Selectively Mute New Members for 28-Days Based on Their Profile (eg, Period of Account, Region, Quantity of Friends, Quality of Profile, Past Online Posts etc).

Muted Members May Submit Appeal to Un-Mute Their Account via Email, With A Recent Identity Document with Photograph + Facebook Account Information For Our Assessment.
Please Email to: complaintsingapore [at]

**To Report Any Violations As Stated,
Please FLAG The Said Post or Comment For Our Moderators To Review It In Due Course** 

Excessive, Over-Sensitive or Unreasonable Flagging of Any Posts or Comments will Result in a Permanent Ban Without Prior Notice or Explanation.

Any Violations May Result in Removal of the Said Post and Comment Without Prior Notice. Repeat Violators will be Banned Permanently. For Requests to Unblock Any Users, Please Email to:
complaintsingapore [at]

We Welcome & Encourage Constructive Feedback & Suggestion, However, Extreme & Irresponsible Insults, Sarcasm, Accusation, Harassment, Threats or Criticism Against Our Group, Page, Administrator or Moderator (of this Group or Page) will be Deleted Without Prior Notice and the Particular User will be Banned Permanently. 

Complaint Singapore” Reserves the Right to Reject, Delete or Block Any Posts or Comments Deemed Unsuitable or Unacceptable for this Group; or to Mute or Ban Anyone Without Prior Explanation or Reason etc.

Do Visit Our Official Facebook Page – “Complaint Singapore” Which Features the LATEST Complaints, Posts, Updates, Reviews, Ranking Charts, Various Articles and Relevant Information from Our Official “Complaint Singapore” Website:

Any “Anonymous” Submissions (*or Sent via our Facebook Page or Email etc), With or Without Request or any Instruction, will have the Identity Masked for Privacy Concerns.

Complaint Singapore“, in our Best Effort, will Keep the Identity Confidential as Reasonably Possible.

We will Contact the Complainant, Source or Owner, Upon Request to Contact, Communicate, Interview, or Tracing for Legitimate & Valid Reasons as Deemed Appropriate by “Complaint Singapore” only.

Complaint Singapore Bears NO Legal and Civil Responsibility or Any Liability Over Any Identity Leakage, or Any Repercussion, Consequence or Damages Resulted from the Leakage etc.

All Post, Content, Comment, Materials etc are Submitted or Posted at the Risk of its Owner or Source etc.

All Posted Anonymous Complaint Cannot be Deleted or Removed. However, the Said Anonymous Contributor May Request An Update to the Said Post, Pending Assessment and Approval from Our Moderators.

Due to our popularity, it has come to our attention that there are many fake Facebook group, page or websites etc that imitates our branding (Complaint SingaporeFacebook group, page, website, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc) and creates confusion, scams, spams and misled many members or visitors.

These fake social media sites imitates our identity to create racial, gender, religion or race tension, insulting various entities or individuals, incite violence and hatred against government policies and agencies etc.

Despite our effort to report these fake imitation sites to various authorities, they continue to flourish and create more social presence. As such, in order to put a stop to it, if we detect or informed (by fellow members) that our members are sharing or posting on these fake imitation sites, we will not hesitate to block the respective members permanently.

We will Mute or Ban Anyone Who Abets Any Crime, Offence, Violation Under the Law, and Makes Irresponsible Remark, Sarcasm or Insulting Name-Calling (eg. KPO, Busybody etc), or Making False Statement or Allegation About Any Act That is Clearly A Crime, Offence or Violation Under the Law of Singapore.

Complaint Singapore” Collaborates with Various Social Online Platforms & Portals etc, and Share Our Contents With Them. By Posting or Commenting Here, You Agreed That Your Post/s, Content/s or Comment/s May Be Published or Reproduced By Them or Us Without Prior Notice etc.

For Any Request to Copy, Share or Reproduction of Any Contents Herein, Please Email To:
complaintsingapore [at]

Thank You for Your Kind Support~!! 

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(*Updated on 23 December 2023)


We Protect Our Post Owners & Members:
1) Play nice and take all posts & comments with a pinch of salt.
2) If you have nothing positive to say, please DO NOT comment.

Any vulgarity, obscenity, irrelevancy, assumption, sarcasm or criticism (*in any direct/suggestive manner) will not be tolerated. Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

*Due to increasing negativity, criticism & foreseeable violations, we will turn off commenting for some postings.

Read our T&Cs:


No “unauthorized” advertising, live steam, sharing, complimenting, recommending or asking for recommendation (eg. location, detail, feedback etc), or ask members to PM for details.

No branding, business or service mentions etc.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

*For authorized advertising, live stream, sharing etc, email our Marketing Team for a quotation at : complaintsingapore [at]

Read our T&C:


We prefer ORIGINAL CONTENTS only. No “unauthorised” forwarded or shared URL, contents or comments etc from other FB group/page, website, social media or sources etc, regardless of the reason/intention (*unless authorized by our moderators).

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

*For authorized forwarding of 3rd party contents etc, email our marketing team: complaintsingapore [at]

Read our T&C:


We DO NOT allow anyone joining or participate in other Facebook group, page or social media etc that imitate COMPLAINT SINGAPORE. Please un-join & exit them before joining here.

No repeated post/comment (*any post edits are subjected for approval & may result in the original post being deleted).

We DO NOT allow any polling, voting, petition, survey, donation drive etc.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:


No hate/bully/cursing/doxxing or name-calling (KPO/MYOB/Karen etc) against race, religion, nationality (against S’pore/an), political, gender etc.

No abetment/ignorance of crime/offence.

DO NOT encourage others to (or claiming/suggest to stir/breed bad blood, conspire/intent to) commit a crime/offence (racism/criminal) etc.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:


As “keyword” detection is enabled, no usage or spamming of GIF, Avatar, Emoji or posting of any Image, Video or Graphic etc when commenting or replying, regardless what is the reason or intention etc (*unless authorized by our moderators, please PM us for prior permission).

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:


No unreasonable, excessive or over-sensitive flagging of any post or comment. Members do have their rights to post (*subjected to our moderator’s approval).

Do censor or mask all contents that may infringe the privacy of any person or entity to avoid legal liability.

Request for identity (business/shop name, address, plate number etc) to be exposed is prohibited.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:


Provide all information (location/date/time); evidence or proof: photograph/video/screenshot of the alleged act; or any black & white (contract/receipt). Do explain & justify your complaint/story in detail, so that readers may understand.

We DO NOT allow anyone to guess, speculate or jump to a conclusion on an approved post without any proof provided.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:


Do not ask our members to post/report their complaint elsewhere or to delete their post; or claim it’s wrong/useless to complaint; or to question why they post or teaching them what to do; or to provide you proof/evidence/location; or even asking members to confront/advise others, thus risking their life.

Members do have their rights to post.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:


All forms of abuse such as, accusation & criticism against our Admins & Moderators (or Facebook Group or Page etc) will not be tolerated, including questioning, instructing or teaching us what to do.

Violators will be Muted & Banned subsequently.

Read our T&C:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1) Why is my Facebook post not approved (or get deleted)?

A1) Posts are not approved in Complaint Singapore (Facebook) due to various reasons, such as:

a) Privacy issues (Eg. Failure to mask the identity of all parties: Face, name, IC number, address, contact number, brand & logo, reference etc);

b) Forwarded contents which are not original (Eg. posts, articles, videos or any contents from other online websites or social media etc, especially contents which are for the purpose of generating income or visits etc) – *Note:
Complaint Singapore prefers ORIGINAL & relevant posts only;

c) Post not set to
PUBLIC (Eg. In order to share any Facebook posts, you need to set it to PUBLIC, in order to be seen by everyone);

d) Infringement of Facebook’s Community Standard (Facebook have their Community Standards for using their social media services, please review it

e) Repeated or irrelevant content (Eg. Duplicate contents which are already posted, or any posts that are irrelevant to Complaints in Singapore (Eg. Inspiration or Motivation Message/Photograph, Shout-Out, Greetings, Date/Partner/Friend-Seeking, Selfie, Overseas Stuffs etc);

f) Advertisements (Eg. Any kinds of (unauthorized) advertisement via auction, bidding, sale, promoting, referral, promotion, brand awareness, charity, watch party, live streaming, survey, petition, polling, external website, hyperlinks, video, comments, etc. are STRICTLY DISALLOWED, including any sharing or recommendation (in any direct or suggestive manner or method etc) .

*For All Authorized Advertising or Promotion, Click HERE;

g) Content contains suggestive or promoting vulgarity, obscenity, undue sarcasm, extreme criticism, bullying or insulting name-calling or any degrading comments (hate speech) about race, religion, nationality (*especially against Singapore or Singaporeans in particular), political, sexual orientation or gender etc.

h) Sharing, posting, encouraging, motivating, suggesting, promoting or leading viewers to visit or view any “unauthorized” 3rd party online contents, website, video, social media, links (Eg, via Facebook pages or group, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc) or any services etc, or to download or use any mobile app, programmes, application or contents of any kind or manner, etc, for the purpose or aim (with or without) to attract viewership or to generate income,

*For All Authorized Advertising or Promotion, Click HERE.

i) Failure to join group as member before commenting or posting. Please re-join and ensure your read, agree and CHECK (Tick) ALL BOXES on the “Participation Questions” page, so that your request to join can be approved, subjected to our routine assessment. 

Q2) Why am I muted in Complaint Singapore (Facebook)?

A2) A Complaint Singapore member might be muted (*temporarily stopping someone from posting or commenting in the Facebook group) for a period of time due to first (or minor) violation, which serves as a form of warning, or a gentle reminder..

“Mute” period generally range from 12 hours to 28 days, depending on the severity of the violation.

Occasionally, when there is a presence of an uncontrollable heated discussion or argument, our Moderators may mute one or more parties to discontinue the commotion, without any prior reasoning or explanation etc.

The “Mute” period is a good time to take a step back, have a break and review our Terms & Conditions of Use, before committing more violations which may lead to a permanent ban.

Q3) Why am I banned from Complaint Singapore (Facebook) and will the ban be lifted?

A3) A Facebook user might be banned from our Complaint Singapore Facebook Group or Page due to violations of any of our Terms & Conditions of Use stated (both in our Facebook Group’s Description and our Website) etc. For any appeal or request for the ban to be lifted, email us at: complaintsingapore [at]

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All “External” (3rd-Party) postings & comments (or any contents herein or linked etc) in our official Complaint Singapore Facebook Group, Page, Website or Twitter etc are personal views or beliefs of the respective individual or parties etc, and do not necessary represents Complaint Singapore in any way or manner etc, and therefore Complaint Singapore bears no legal and civil responsibility or liability over these “External” (3rd-Party) contents etc.

Viewers’ discretion, selective browsing and an open-mind are strongly advisable when viewing any contents within our Facebook Group or Page at all times.

“External” (3rd-Party) denotes anyone, entity or party, other than Complaint Singapore‘s officially-appointed or designated Administrators or Moderators etc)