Man Spotted Throwing Rubbish Bin Onto The Road Along Jurong West Area

An unknown man was spotted and recorded throwing rubbish bin (placed, maintained and owned by
Jurong-Clementi Town Council) along Jurong West Ave 5 on 16 January 2024.

The man, wearing all black in colour (T-shirt, short, black hat, face mask with a sunglasses), was first spotted sitting on the grass verge area, and immediately stood up in frustration and threw the rubbish bin unto the road without any reasons, causing obstruction and danger to road users.

A passerby was overhead in the video shouting at the man to stop during the act. The man then left the place after finishing throwing the rubbish bin.

As he was walking away along the pavement, he was heard scolding “LKY’ vaguely…

Do you know or any information about this man?
Drop us a message, your identity will be kept confidential.

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