Rude Qxpress Delivery Man Threw Parcel On The Floor And Challenge Customer To Complaint

An anonymous member of our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group, had forwarded us a video plus a complaint against Qxpress delivery man’s rudeness and bad handling when delivering a parcel to her unit on 22 May 2023 at around 8:20am.

According to the complainant, the said Qxpress rude delivery man had threw her parcel on the floor, at the entrance area to her unit, and had challenge her to complaint against him.

She is also unhappy with how a Qxpress supervisor had treated her when she lodge a complaint in regards to the delivery incident, and till now, have not provided a satisfactory conclusion for the case.

*All Identities are masked for privacy concern.

Watch the full video recorded by the complainant below:

Below are the details for the complaint sent to us:

22 May 2023, Qxpress delivered parcel . But failed delivered , reason no one at home . But no door bell nothing .  Called up their supervisor to check what happened . In the end I get threatened from the supervisor and Driver back that I lied.  

I told him I have CCTV recorded. And inform him that If people ring bell, all was recorded. He asking for the CCTV  in a very harsh manner by say , ” Come ah Come Come give me lah , Sent it to me and show me who is right! ‘ . I said why I need to let you see. You do not have the right!.

He side the driver , that he did called, and knock the door , press the bell.  I Said i can show you the call log . There is no call nothing , Even normal calling , SMS or whatsapp . Nothing at all.

I asking for proof that driver did call but he unable to prduce and was told that will be redelivered again 23 May 2023 , at around 9am and that he will personal on the same of delivered

23 May 2023, 8:20am plus. He rang the bell ,  From the very first sentence { Threathening } he said to my sister  that ” Nah , The parcel here , Take yourself . in harsh tone . Parcel was directly thrown on in front on my sister. Lucky , I pull my sister away or else  {the heavy carton will bang onto at her , who is going to bare consquence }. If not, heavy parcel hit onto her, not sure what will be happend. My sister ask is this the way that was trained ? He said that is not throw , is just  ” Properly Handling to Customer ” and keep on shouting very loud till almost all levels of the HDB Block could listen .  He shouted out his name was “Justin ” on the way walking to the lift . Want complaint just go ahead.  Keep on scolding for nothing.

All CCTV was capture down .

Police case was file immediate after he left, IO Officer called my sister after 1hr to check if there is any injury. Asking my sister to informed qxpress. We did emailed but no reply , we try to called them informed the Agent . he also surprise. asking me do i have proof to back up . I have already sent email with full CCTV video ( 1 mins plus ) . He told me that he did not receive and i resent again and there is a video and saying that that is proper Handling and nothing wrong. I immediately stop him and said did you here a loud ” Bang Sound ” , is this the proper way ?  he Stop everyhing and asked the Area Manager to Call me about this matter.

Qxpress was also notify and CCTV , police case number was given.

The Same “Supervisor” call me and he said that he was the “Area Manager which is incharge Whole Sengkang” . This called was made about 4pm plus. Keep on apologize, of this matter and will talk to the Deliver Guy . I replied , Just Talk to him ? and he need to listen to both side. This is was not a small matter. He Thrown the parcel at my Sister , police case has been Filed.  Proof already submited . I said that I have proof and you keep on side your driver and believe what he do was correct and Fault was on our side . How you going to settle? He keep quite. I said that my CCTV are able to record down everything no matter it was install in which location. Now , I need to know how going to settle.

Promise will called back 24 May 2023 around 4 pm plus after informed Higher managment  Still no news nothing .

Area Manager aka Supervisor does not have proper managerment way of dealing this issue. He as a Management staff , he should not Shouted at me at first instead he should listen first and not shouting at me over the phone and said that what his drliver was correct. Is this the way, that All managerment in Singapore Was Train in this way or just only Qxpress?

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