Failed Flower Deliveries on Valentine’s Day

An anonymous complainant wrote in to submit a complaint via our webform

According to the complaint, a reputable online florist had failed to deliver on time for a lot of flower orders during Valentine’s Day, which is a really big blooper for such a big florist!

A lot of angry customers went to the florist’s official Facebook account, and vent their anger by posting comments there.. However, the establishment is quick to response and apologise for the lapses, and even promise a refund by the MD of the Company.

The original reply from the “MD” of Hi XXXX, this is Joseph, MD of Please accept our apologies for the service lapse. We had some hiccups with logistics earlier in the day that caused some problems to latter orders. But please be assured, if the order did not reach the recipient for any reason, we will process a refund and separately send her a complimentary bouquet. What’s your order number?

Source: (Facebook)

By then, a lot of complaints had poured in from other agitated customers, all questioning where are their orders, and extremely angry and disappointed with the florist company for the failed (or late) delivery, especially during this BIG DAY..!

Till now, there is no further announcement or comment by anyone from the said florist..

This is indeed a sad and tragic moments for the affected customers..

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