MRT Breakdown: Jurong East & Queenstown MRT lines

The morning, commuters (at the West) welcome the Friday with yet another MRT train service breakdown, again!

This time round, MRT train services along EWL, especially between Jurong East and Queenstown are affected due to reported track fault, again!

Source: SMRT Twitter

No Train Service” information are shown on all TV screens with the stations, including verbal public announcement as well.

A commuter staring the TV announcement…

At the Jurong East MRT Station (interchange) are jam-packed with lots of unhappy commuters..

Although free bus bridging services are provided, most commuters find it difficult to move through the crowds, long queues, and getting to their destination on time.


Source: SMRT Twitter

At about 8am, all train services had resumed normal operations.

However, SMRT did apologized for the service outage this morning in their last tweet..

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