SBS Transit Bus Moving Like a Snail?

A member of our Complaint Singapore Facebook group posted a complaint about a SBS Transit service bus number 25 in Ang Mo Kio area.

According to him, the bus was traveling in unusually slow manner, about 10 to 15 KM/H speed. Despite him asking the bus driver why he was driving so slow, the said driver just brushed him off and kept the pace, and even challenged the member to complain (to the bus company) if he is unhappy..

Below is the screenshot of the actual Facebook post:

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Source: Complaint Singapore Facebook Group


Here is the text extract of the original post for easy reading:

Just to share a recent experience and to find out if anyone encountered this before?

On 4 April morning at around 8.45am , I board service bus number 25 (SBS 3068L) at Ubi area towards AMK for work. It was just a typical weekday morning and no unusual activity on the roads. 5 minutes onto the bus, I noticed that the bus was moving very slowly. I thought it could be be due to the morning rush hour traffic that’s causing the delay. But after another 10-15 mins, the bus was still moving very slowly, like 10-15 kmh. I looked to the front and the road was clear ahead, no vehicle breakdown or traffic accident obstructing the road. Moreover the bus lane was still in operation so there is no reason for the bus not to move faster.

But the bus was moving at a snail pace, stopping at every bus stop for 5 mins each even when nobody is boarding or alighting, the driver is simply idling at the bus stop looking at the controls, blocking all the buses behind, forcing them to swerve out to the road creating a potentially hazardous situation.

By now it was already close to 9.20am, normally I would be reaching AMK interchange by that time, but I am still stuck at Hougang Ave near the Girl’s home (Usually it takes no more than 10-15 mins to get there from where I boarded). I went down to ask the driver, an Indian man in his 50s, why is he not driving when nobody is boarding and alighting. He just smile and say ‘Ok Ok, sit down’. I stared at him for a few seconds and asked again if he can start driving, but again he said ‘Ok sit down’. By now I am getting really frustrated because I am going to be late for work and appointment so I raised my voice to him and said ‘Can you please drive because I am late for work’! Then the driver started to drive, but the bus was moving at 10-15 kmh. A light jogger can probably overtake the bus. I looked to the back and every passenger is giving the WTF look! Another male passenger seated at the back shouted in Hokkien ‘Bo Lat ah’ (No strength is it)? By now I was really agitated and told him he is delaying all the passengers onboard, he just kept quiet and continue driving slowly. Now I am really pissed, I said to the driver his attitude is really lousy and he only cares about his own schedule, making every passenger pay for his mistake. Even when I told him I am going to make a complain against him, his reply was ‘Go ahead and complain’! Simply cannot be bothered! I decided to alight the bus somewhere before Serangoon CC and take a taxi to work, the hokkien uncle also alighted out of frustration.

What usually was a 30 min or so bus ride from Ubi to AMK interchange, took almost 45 mins that day, and the bus has not even crossed Yio Chu Kang Rd. Needless to say, the irresponsible and inconsiderate driver made me late for work and for my appointment.

As a public transport user, we fix our schedule based on the traveling time on the mode of transportation we take. I even gave a 10 min buffer so I can arrive early to prepare. This is not the first time I encounter such irresponsible bus drivers but they usually occur at night. This is the first time it happened on a weekday morning during rush hour. I really feel bus drivers are playing cowboys on the road and forgetting that they are providing an essential public service. Many people will say that buses have to follow their schedule cannot be helped, but is it right that they put every passenger’s schedule in jeopardy just so they meet theirs, and making passengers ‘pay’ for their incompetence? 
If they have problem meeting their schedule, they should raise this to the SBS mgt., I am sure SBS is aware of such behavior but what they are doing about it is another question. So clearly they cannot be counted on to provide a reliable service!

I emailed to SBS later the same day and complained about the driver but surprise surprise, no reply from them.


Photographs of the said SBS Transit bus plate number and the bus driver..

*Note: All identity or personal information are censored for privacy purposes.


Some comments arise from the said post:


What is the reason for the bus driver to drive so slow?

Is there some unwritten rule by bus companies to restrict their drivers?


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