Shaming of Commuter on MRT Train

An anonymous complainant forward us an incident on a MRT train recently, via our Complaint Singapore’s Anonymous Complaint Submission Form

The incident started when two “NORMAL” persons (a man and a lady) were fighting for a reserved seat on a MRT train…

Basically there was a commotion, and the lady then took the guy’s photographs.. In retaliation, the guy pushed her away and “HIT” her… at the end of the said post, the friend of the said lady appealed for information about the said man openly via her Facebook…

The anonymous complainant felt that the incident is only a small issue, blown out of proportion.. and wonder why if everyone can live harmoniously and “live and let live”.


Below is the original post by the lady’s friend:


Here is the original article by the anonymous complainant:


Should we be more tolerant when taking public transport?

Are the reserved seats on our public train being abused by perfectly normal passengers?


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