An angry PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) driver posted a complaint in Facebook in regards to an incident on board of his PHV car, whereby the passenger broke his car’s “ceiling support” handle and exit the car abruptly after apologizing..

Complainant gave chase and was able to get hold of the passenger’s contact number. but he refused to provide his Identity Card for record purpose.

After consulting with GoJek (a PHV Company in Singapore), they advised him to lodge a police report before proceeding to the workshop to get a quotation for fixing the damaged handle.

When complainant informed the passenger of his action, the passenger gave a rather agitated response..


Here is the original Facebook post:

Here is the photograph of the broken handle:

Here are the correspondence messages between both the complainant and the passenger:


Below is the text extract of the original post:

This morning rider break my car handle.. and he say sorry and run away.. I think park my car and chase after him and manage to get his number and he refuse to give me his IC to take photo. I call gojek. Gojek advise me to make police report I very nicely sms the rider to confirm will he pay before I go workshop to get a quote .. call no reply so I sms him say if not reply will report to police coz gojek advise me to do so.. and this is how he reply.


Some comments in relating to the said post:


Do you agree with the actions taken by the complainant (driver)?

What are the remedies in place for drivers when accounting such issues?

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