SingPost Failed Again!

Yet another complaint case against Singpost’s poor service!

A lady wrote her unhappiness to SingPost in regards to several failed attempts to delivery a parcel to her house..

According to her complaint post, she wrote that the postman did not even press her doorbell as she was at home during the deliveries..

Here is the original Facebook post:


Below is the FULL text extract for easy reading:


SINGPOST, Why is it the fault of your delivery man who didn’t knock on my door or press my doorbell, that I have to spend 2 days waiting for my parcel to be delivered.

I was at home in my living room yesterday afternoon from 2pm to 630pm. I’m just less than 10 steps away from my door and doorbell. How could I not hear any sound if your delivery man had tried to complete the delivery?

I called your 24/7 support hotline after i saw the notice at my door and also mentioned I needed the parcel the next day cos I will not be in SG on Wednesday. But no confirmation from your support hotline staff that delivery can be made today. Instead I was was told someone will contact me the next day.

Yet today I have to made 3 calls separately at 9.33am, 10.54am and 3.54pm to chase for the delivery because NOBODY from Singpost were able to handle my Simple request!

Singpost, you think your job is difficult even with all the system in place? I have to keep repeating 5 times the story of the laziness of your delivery man, and 5 times providing my personal information, and 5 times explaining why I needed the parcel BY TODAY. Granted, but each time your support staff told me I am giving them a Wrong Article number which must end with 2 alphabets and I have to explain 5 times that I’m reading exactly what was written on the note EA1522758608E.

Also, I took off to be at home to wait for my parcel yesterday. But your delivery man purposely played punk and happily leave a note without checking if anyone is at home. To make things easier for you and your employees because you dont delivery after 6pm, I called 3 times today to explain I am taking off to wait for the parcel THIS AFTERNOON! Yet no sound no sight! Ok, if you will release my parcel to the general post office, or have it discarded while I am away from SG, please make sure all your support staff (yes i have their names!) who handle my calls to pay for the cost of my parcel and it’s shipping charges from Belgium.

Singpost, surely your “our team/colleague is following up closely on your case” is NOT enough! From 9am til now as I am writing this, your team hasn’t been able to provide any updates. There is NO Concrete information from you that my parcel will be relieved by today at which time.

Frankly I would have picked up my parcel at the popstation or the designated post office branch. But since my parcel is big and I do not drive, I’d no choice but to request your re-delivery. If you would still prefer me to collect my parcel personally, pls at least let me know instead of playing the merry go round. I wasted 2 days waiting for your “trusted and reliable services” but instead to being played out by your punky delivery man and “trusted communication” of your support team!


Below are some comments in relating to the post:

Will this curse of SingPost last forever?
Is there something wrong with the governance within SingPost?

Or will the authority do something soon to improve the service of SingPost before it’s too late?


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