Redundant Shelter Spotted

Someone spotted a weird shelter walkway near to Bukit Timah Plaza..

The shelter walkway is constructed right under a large vehicle flyover, which is already providing shelter for passerby.. However, a shelter walkway was subsequently constructed to provide a concrete pathway for walking, but with a redundant shelter added too..??


Here is the original Facebook post:

The shelter walkway leads toward the direction of Bukit Timah Plaza..

This is another view of the vehicle flyover and the said shelter walkway at the back..

A map view of the said shelter walkway location..


A text extract for easy reading of the said post:

Just sharing, SG boleh, double shelter for what arr? thk you for all your contributions. All the money spent on these shelters island wide could hve been use for free medical to help lower income families or for any other benificial purposes , this shelters to me are quite useless if its for sheltering us from the rain or sun, if its coming from different directions u will be expose anyway or u come to a road junction u still will get wet crossing over


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