Look Out For Hit & Run Culprit

An angry Audi owner is looking out for the culprit who had damaged (likely as a result from a sideswipe accident) her car at Blk 449 Jurong West Street 42 carpark, and left the premise.

According to her Facebook post, the incident happened on 15 March 2019, between 12.00pm to 3.30pm.

She is hoping the said culprit can contact her and own up for the action..


Below is the original Facebook post with the Audi car owner’s name:


The text extract is here:

To the culprit who was driving a white car on 15 March 2019 between 12pm to 3.30pm at location carpark of Blk 449 Jurong West St 42 (Carpark J48) I hope you will contact me to own up your actions. 

We are grateful for anyone with information to come forward or help to share this post. 
Thank you.


Below are some photographs of the damages:

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