Appeal for Witness Or Video Recording Of An Accident

There is an appeal for witness or video recording of an accident on the 17th October 2019, at about 11pm to 1115pm, along AYE towards Tuas and Pioneer Flyover.

According to the Facebook post, the writer’s husband took a rest in at his Toyota Camry – SJH 6592 H at the road shoulder. After some time, while driving off his vehicle, a fast moving BMW vehicle – SLJ 5995 B hit his vehicle from behind.

Although the BMW vehicle did stop after the accident, however, the writer’s husband now requires more evidence, likely for insurance claim or to assist in investigation etc.

Below are some photographs of the accident scene:

Here is the screenshot of the Facebook post:

Below is the text extract of the original Facebook post for easy reading:


Appealing for car dashcam footage or witness.

Date: 17 cotober 2019
Time: Between 2300 to 2315
Place: AYE towards tuas pioneer fly over

Accident happen between a Camry SJH6592H and BMW SLJ5995B.

My husband was feeling unwell at that point of time and was stopping over at the road shoulder for a short 5 min rest. Upon resuming his journey, while looking into the rear mirror the bmw was driving at high speed and bang into him, he lost conciosuness for a few seconds before getting down the car and approach the driver. At that point of time, one malay malaysian motorcycle was also there because before she hit into my husband she almost hit into the motorbike but he manage to swerve away. Thus, he wanted to be a witness but because of the choas we did not manage to get his contact number.

The girl left the scene after leaving her contact number before the authrories arrive.

We are now seeking for camera dash camera footage or witness to assist us in our investigation.

Thank you 

Anyone with any information may contact us via our contact form, and we will get in touch with the post writer. Thank you.

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