Pioneer Generation Plight?

A member of our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group had sent us a short real life story of his deceased father and family’s experience.

In his short story, he shared about his deceased father’s glorious contributions to Singapore as a police officer, and also their current plight of not receiving any financial support from the authority…

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Below is the exact story extract:

My deceased dad was a former Police Officer of CID ( Criminal Investigation Department).

During his early days in the 1950s, he risked his life fighting and solving so much chaotic problems created by the communists in Singapore.

There were Riots, Workers Strikes, Buses Strikes, and consistent curfews going on. ( CURFEW means no one supposed to be outdoor.

Everyone remained indoor, shooting upon seen) He broke his right leg, he broke his left shoulder blade, almost injuring his left eye.

I still kept his outstanding career testimonials for making arrests and recovering of unauthorized firearms.

All testimonials were presented to him by the former Commissioner of Police (MR. A E G. BLADES) .

My dad told us that he risked his life for the sake of our future. He loved us very much. He said to us that hopefully Singapore will one day be peaceful for every citizens.

Right now, Singapore became peaceful and prosperous.

Among his 6 childrens, 4 of us belonged to the PIONEER GENERATION GROUP.
Unfortunately, NONE OF US, ever receive any life time financial support of $600 to $750 every 3 months (till death) as what other Pioneers were getting.

APPEALS AFTER APPEALS, with our detailed explanation also got REJECTED.

Is this fair to my dad’s objectives in risking his life in the early days?

So the present Singaporeans please open your eyes.

Work Smart, hope you know what I meant.

(*Note: Author’s identity is masked for privacy purpose.)

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