Fake Facebook Page Renting Out Singapore-Registered Cars?

An anonymous Complaint Singapore user had alerted us on a dubious Facebook page promoting Singapore-registered vehicles for rental in Malaysia, including all paperworks and road tax, and at super unbelievable rental price as well, which range about $300 ringgit to about $600 ringgit for super luxury car, which is crazily way cheaper than a typical car rental Company charges in Malaysia !!

The said Facebook page even displayed the Singapore license plate numbers of all the vehicles for rental in their posts, and quote the specification, price and even contact details etc.

However, some of the cars featured seems rather expensive, such as this Korean Hyundai having the same rental charge as a BMW 3 series, which surely does not sound right to anyone who knows cars pretty well.

So is this Facebook page for real ?
..or is a fake page to lure people into believing it and out to cheat ??

Always remember the golden rule, if a deal is too good to be true, then it is likely a Fake !!!

*Note: All page details are deliberately censored to avoid anyone falling into the “likely” scam.

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