Home-Fix Ceasing Business?

After the recent sudden announcement of business closure by Sasa Singapore, it seems another retail giant in Singapore is throwing in the towel too..

From a small hardware store in Geylang Serai to a major retail chain with over 20 stores in Singapore and Malaysia, Home-Fix had indeed comes a long way..

However, in a shocking news article published today, it seems Home-Fix will be closing all its retail outlets by end of this week in Singapore.

Source: The Business Times

However, it seems the trouble of Home-Fix already came some time ago, based on a photograph submitted online, in regards to ones of its retail units being re-possessed in April 2019.

So is the retail market in Singapore facing its biggest challenge during this period, where online eCommerce businesses have taken a large piece of the pie?

Will there be more business closures coming soon?

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