Unknown Cash Donations Found At Boon Lay Place Market!

An anonymous COMPLAINT SINGAPORE member had written to us and informed there is an interesting sight at a temporary booth located at Boon Lay Place Market and Food Village, Blk 221A Boon Lay Place.

According to the member, there is an #BoonLayCares movement at the said area, and a temporary booth was set-up to gather appreciations for all frontline workers, who are facing risks on a daily basis during the COVID-19 period.

Other than submission via electronic means, members of public are also encouraged to submit physical postcards with their written appreciation messages, and drop into the acrylic box provided at the booth…

However, something interesting was spotted in the acrylic box provided..

Recently, there seems to be a lot of “unknown” cash donations being dropped into the box, and the money gradually grew to a substantial amount, as the box was placed publicly for a long period of time..

Despite a prominent notice being pasted on the said acrylic box, to inform that it is not a donation box, but still the money came pouring in..

Although the said box is chained up securely, however, the said box is placed openly without anyone taking care of it most times..

Our member who submitted this information, hope the authority will assign someone to take care of the box at all times, before it gets stolen by some criminals one fine day..

Have members of public became generous during this crisis period?

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