Traffic Marshall Failure to Wear Mask

A member of COMPLAINT SINGAPORE who would like to stay anonymous, sent us a complaint against an AETOS Traffic Marshall officer, attending to an accident involving his sister-in-law and another biker along SLE towards BKE recently.

The member noted that throughout the whole incident, the said Traffic Marshall officer did not wear any protective mask as required by law, despite it happened during the COVID-19 period.

He also have some doubts in regards to the legal power of AETOS Traffic Marshall etc. and why the biker who involved in the accident was able to activate the officer to the accident scene..

Below is the original text extract of the complaint:

Hi i would like to complain against this AETOS road marhsal officer. Not wearing mask thruout when he is doing his duties. But i wish to stay discreet and hope my identity is not disclose.

Good Day, Would like to share this accident happened

1) State date & time of incident- 28 May 2020, Around 1730H-1800H

2) State location of incident- SLE towards BKE

3) Describe the incident- To make it short, My Sister in law was returning home from work, as it was raining. She was driving and her car met with an accident with a biker.

After the accident, instead of calling the ambulance and traffic police, the rider involves in the accident called his friend who is an AETOS (LTA Traffic Marshal) on duty to come over to help. After checking with the rider why he does not want to call the ambulance and traffic police then he explain that he is also from AETOS and he decide to call his friend AETOS (LTA Traffic Marshal) instead of ambulance and police.

When the AETOS (LTA Traffic Marshal) arrives at scene instead of doing his duty and traffic control first thing he did was to walk to the rider to offer a friendly hand shake and speak to him for around 10minutes.

Thereafter he came over and demand to speak to my sister in law and demand for her IC but my brother told him she is still in shock and could not talk to anyone now.

But the way this traffic marshal handle the situation in a very unprofessional manner. He was rude to my brother and instead of checking with the rider what exactly happen he insists on talking to my sister in law and demanding for her Identification card without explaining the reason.

My brother repeatedly told the traffic marshal my sister in law is in a shock and no condition to talk or explain and will wait for the traffic police to arrive. Thereafter he walk away very rudely.

My questions are:

1) Throughout when this “Traffic marshal” arrived on scene, he is not wearing a mask. Is this allow during circuit breaker period? And as an enforcing officer does, he set a good example? Without a mask he still demanded to talk to my sister in law, what if he is COVID-19 positive who will be responsible if he spread to my brother and my sister in law?

2) Does an LTA traffic marshal have authority or power to demand for statement and identification card without first explaining his rank/name and intention? My brother and Sister in law was still on scene and not leaving. To add on both driver and rider particulars are exchanged before even the AETOS (LTA Traffic Marshal) arrive.

3) What are his roles? Traffic Police is still on the way, by right I think he should control the traffic instead of telling us he is representing the Traffic police officer.

Attached is the Traffic marshal pictures without mask on throughout. Civilians are being punished and fine heavily for not wearing mask during Circuit Breaker.

AETOS officer engaged by LTA should be penalised more severely to serve as a role example for step board agency.

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