Digital Numeric Locks For Letter Boxes Easily Opened By Magnets!

A member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPORE” Facebook group forwarded us a video showing the recent popular digital numeric lock, which are widely used for HDB letter boxes are easily opened by strong magnets, simply by placing a few small magnets together.

A quick search on Facebook found a local seller selling the same lock at S$60 nett with installation:

Digital Lock for LetterBox – Touchpad design, password can consist from 4 up to 15 digits. – Button cell can be used…

Posted by Digital LetterBox Lock Singapore on Thursday, 24 October 2019

A quick check at some heartland HDB area, found a lot of owners had replaced the standard key lock for their letter box to the said digital numeric lock.

Will these people change back to standard key locks after watching this video?

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