Case of Fake Report?

Someone posted online a police report (looks fake), lodging against the recent trending GoJek case involving a lady who claimed she was “kidnapped” during the trip.

From the details of the posted police report, the logo and heading looks real, however the content seems to be a informal to be a real official police report.

The manner in which the report was written seems more like a typical Facebook ranting post, rather than a typical police report 🙂

The person who posted this online claimed the report was lodged by a car sales man in Singapore, and mocked car salesman are too free, and have nothing to do nowadays..

Comments for the said post mostly do not believe this post is real, and even claimed the person who posted it seems to be using a fake FB account.. and the said police report is fake too.

Whether or not if the police report is fake, some people just are too free and aiming for instant fame for the wrong reason..

Maybe it’s time for us to forget about the GoJek case, and let the authority do its job..

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