Dogs Racism? Is There Such a Thing?

An anonymous complainant submitted her post to us via our Complaint Submission Form

In the article, she mentioned that she came across a post where the author claimed that some dogs, in a particular Singapore neighborhood, exhibit certain characteristics alike to humans..

Screen Grab of the Actual Post (by the complainant)

Based on the post, the complainant felt offended as the writer somehow is being racist and openly accusing others, while on the other hand, conveniently exclaimed he and his “furkids” does not give out such “racist” vibes, and are of a “sort of” better moral standard…

The original article here:

So I came across this post by a well-intentioned person asking about whether some dogs are racists as they bark only at “darker skin passerby especially Indians”. By this statement, I have to assume that this person could be non-dark-skin, and his use of the Chinese words make me want to think that he is Chinese. Perhaps I could be wrong. I hope I am.

Anyway, this person claims that the other people’s dogs could have learned racism from their owners or “parents”. So many of my younger clients really do not see the merit of having real human kids, but they all want to have a “furkid” (not really judging). So he goes on to make racist stereotypes like how he wonders if the dogs are barking because they are bothered by the “sight or smell of Indians”. Isn’t this racism on the post starter’s end too?

My other complaint about this post is how he eventually gets to moral high ground by declaring how he is not racist as “my own furkids do not exhibit such behaviors”. This implies that he is not racist and does not give off racist “vibes”. It is really quite a turn-off. I guess racism really still exists in Singapore.


Can dogs show racism too?

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