Ridiculous Delivery Contract?

Someone wrote a post online to raise awareness about a ridiculous job contract her father was offered (and signed) by a delivery company recently.

According to the contract details, there are a lot of unreasonable penalties such as $100 for un-attempted parcel, $250 for lost or missing parcels etc.. However, the said delivery company did not pay the complainant’s father for the jobs done, even when he resigned. The company was subsequently un-contactable..

A screen grab of the original Facebook post


The original post is here:

Hi friends, if you happen to see this post, PLEASE help to share.

Last month, my father went to this company called Infinity xxxxx xxxxxx Pte Ltd, for an interview through xxxxx xxx on Facebook (We suspected he is the middle person or an agent for this kind of contract job for this company). This company is a BIG CHEAT!

Do take a look at the first 4 images of their contract, the contract is very ridiculous. Every small thing also want to penalise – $100 for unattempted parcel, $250 for lost and / or missing parcel, $250 for damaged parcel, $200 for no show fee per day. How much for their one successfully delivered parcel then? It is $4.00. My father did 233 parcels over 9 days (4th December to 13th December 2018, excluding Sunday) for them. That’s like $932.00. They did not pay a single cent to him.

In their contract, they stated that he has to give a termination notice of 7 days, hence he worked for them for 9 days in order not to get penalised by them. He also heard from the building security guard about this company so he decided to resign.

Initially, the HR told my father that he has to wait for awhile for his salary since he has resigned, and just recently, the office number is not in use already. We have tried to call ‭xxxx xxxx to look for xxxxx xxx, his phone is off and we couldn’t look for him. We couldn’t contact anyone from this company anymore.

Do help to share and spread this message around and we would like to take action against them and report to MOM after Chinese New Year. We are one of the many victims here. Thank you!


Here is the original contract offered and signed:

The recruitment post by the “agent” on Facebook:

After various efforts to contact the delivery company by many victims..

The said company sent a message to some parties, informing that they will be sending a “Settlement Offer Letter” via registered mail.

Hopefully the case can be resolved soon..

We strongly recommend all job-seekers to thoroughly read through all details and clauses in any job contracts being offered, and if in doubt, raised the concerns with the said company, before signing…

For any query, please consult Ministry of Manpower (MOM):

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