Fit Singaporeans Rejected To Sign-On As Regular in SAF

A member of Complaint Singapore Facebook group posted this complaint in regards to a rejection by SAF – “Singapore Armed Forces” (MINDEF – Ministry of Defense) for his application to sign-on as SAF regular army personnel, despite of him being physically fit.

According to the complainant, he was unable to find any decent job in Singapore, as he only have a GCE “N” level education certificate and a Class 3 driving license.

He also claimed he was fired from a driver job because the employer prefers a foreigner with higher education standard instead, despite asking for S$1000 per month salary only.

Below is the reply from SAF:

Source: Complaint Singapore Facebook Group

In his post, the said complainant find it hard to understand why Singaporean can’t help Singaporean, as no Singapore company wants to hire him at all…

Below is his original post:

Source: Complaint Singapore Facebook Group

Members of Complaint Singapore poured in their sympathy and provided positive encouragements..

Some even shared their experiences as well…

Source: Complaint Singapore Facebook Group

Is Singapore becoming a stressful country for decent Singaporeans?

What do you think can be done more to help these people?


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