Exotic Taste in Singapore?

An anonymous complaint came in via our Anonymous Complaint Submission form.

According to the complainant, she received a What’sapp message with an image showing an unknown man using fishing equipments to fish something unknown.

According to her comment, she suspected the man is “fishing for” live tortoise to kill and eat at home.

The original comment as follow:

So another shocking piece of news was sent to my Whatsapp just moments ago. Shocking enough for me to sit my ass down to type it out. The picture showed an alleged China man (“ah tiong”) who was photographed fishing. While the picture seemed no head no tail, based on my powerful inference I think this China man was fishing illegally in a place where baiting fish was not allowed.

The part which disgusted me most was how the China man allegedly “took a tortoise back home to cook”. Like what the flying fuck!?!? Are these people so starved of food that they have to resort to eating such creatures which we keep as pets?

Anyway it seems like the public educating these people does not work. I do hope that the NEA or NParks or PUB or whoever is in charge will step up their patrols. Please stop such barbaric acts!

Is this a case of illegal “fishing” ??

Can the relevant authority advise on this matter?
Stay tune!

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