SingPost Does It Again…!

An anonymous Facebook user posted her unhappiness about a SingPost – “Singapore Post” employee.

According to her complaint, she wanted to send a parcel to her sister in New Zealand. Inside the parcel are some dried snacks and beauty products.

The said SingPost employee then warned her that liquid is now allowed in parcel. Although complainant had informed the said staff several times and even declared that there was no liquid in the said parcel, the SingPost wrote some wordings on the wrapped parcel which offended the complainant..

The original Facebook post as follow:


On the wrapped parcel, the said SingPost staff wrote:


Complainant felt being that such wordings should not be written on the parcel without her consent, and angry that she was being accused of false declaration…



Below is the text extract of the original post:

Someone at Singapore Post needs a beating.

1.5 weeks ago, I went to the Bras Basah Complex branch to mail a package to my sister who lives 5,297 miles away from me.

In the parcel contained mainly snacks and beauty products I bought on my trip to Japan. So when it was my turn at the counter, i told this grumpy old man that i wanted to mail it to New Zealand. Then, he started interrogating me about what’s inside the box. I told him that it’s dried snacks and beauty products and then he started warning me that no liquid products allowed.

I said multiple times to him that there are no liquids, i even signed the declaration form. But even after so, he continued to incite that my parcel has got liquids. But nevermind, i was in a great mood after a great cheap lunch at the nearby food center so i left after paying a whopping $54 expecting that the problem ends there.

Now here’s the main reason why I want to complain. Noticed the ugly scribbles in blue ink on the package? I spent $1.50 to purchase the kraft papers and spent another 10 mins to wrap my box up nicely simply because this parcel is supposed to be a gift. And your staff went to vandalize my property without my permission to do so.

My sister received the parcel with a rude ‘shock’. Is this the desired standard imposed by Singapore Post to your staffs? If i knew i was going to pay so much to have someone accusing me of things that is untrue and even vandalizing my stuff, i would just gone to other reliable courier companies. This is unacceptable behaviour and I deserve an explaination.


Is this the standard and correct procedure of SingPost?

Did the said SingPost staff performed his due diligence in a professional manner?

Or did the complainant over-reacted?


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