Malaysian Cheated by Singapore Conman

A Malaysian wrote about an incident whereby she was almost cheated by a Singapore Chinese man who claimed he got a special discounted price for 2 king-size mattress.

The said lady trusted the man and transferred some money to him, however, she received a message from the man’s uncle claiming he was hospitalized and in coma, and subsequently went un-contactable for some time…

After some search, the lady finally found the man’s residential home in Bedok, and confronted the man’s parents as he was not at home. After “some pressure”, the man finally promised to refund the money, and subsequently transfered back the full sum to the lady via bank transfer.



The original Facebook post’s text extract in Mandarin as follow:

本人这几个月招遇了一件诈骗案,而这事件今天总于也告了一段落了,我已拿回了我被骗的全数金钱,真是有惊无险!虽然这是一起很丢脸的事件,但我还是决定利用网络自由媒体的力量来公开出来警惕大家这混蛋的衰样!这可耻的大骗子是名新加坡人!没错,是新加坡,就是新加坡!不要以为新加坡是先进国家就不会有骗子!这骗子为了骗钱什么话都敢讲,要不是我找上他的家大吵,我还不知道他连自己建在的爸爸还没死都敢讲已经死了,哈~ 自己也建建康康的也说自己昏迷躺在医院刚动完手术!不做导演编剧真是可惜啊!虽然我不是被骗了很多钱,但我精神上还是有被炸到!这是我本人在新加坡的警局的报案纸和一些我和这诈骗者的谈话内容,里面的故事是大概的,太长打的不很完正,就重点描述!


Here is an online translation of the actual post, errors are expected:

I was scammed a few months ago, although this incident is finally settled and I had taken back the money I was cheated.. but it was really an awful experience.

Although this incident is a kind of humiliating, I had decided to use the power of the internet and media to warn everyone and be careful of this person!

This shameful big liar is a SINGAPOREAN! That’s right, it’s Singapore, it’s Singapore! Don’t think that Singapore is an advanced country and there’s no cheaters!

This liar dares to say anything to cheat money. If I had never visited his home, I don’t know that his dad is still alive (as he claimed his dad was dead).

He even lied that he was in a coma and lying in the hospital, after the surgery!
It’s a pity that he is not a film director!

Although the money cheated from me is not a big amount, but still, I was mentally distraught by this incident !

Attached are the police report from Singapore and some of my conversation exchanges with the scammer.


Here is the said police report posted by the complainant:


Below is some screen-grabs of the communication between the complainant & the scammer:


Always be careful of scammers, no matter which country you are in..

If the deal is too good to be true, then it’s likely a fake!


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