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A chef wrote a post comparing the difference between people who are willing to pay high price for a cup of ice tea from a reputable Coffee & Tea joint in Singapore, but yet complaint about when paying almost the same amount for a plate of nasi padang (steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked muslim dishes), which requires more efforts in preparation.

The complainant end the post, seeking everyone not to discriminate, and be constructive when complaining, and always show empathy to food operators or hawkers in particular.


Below is the original post in Facebook:


Here is the text extract of the original post for easy reading:

This is basically Teh O Ice. And it costs $7.50 for a regular size cup. 😮😮😬😬😬. I’m not complaining about the price. Never. Not my intention.

I just want to highlight to those who constantly patronise these places and don’t mind paying this amount for a beverage ,which literally costs $0.70, but screaming bloody murder on your FB status and Twitter when the nasi padang makcik charges $6/- for a mount of fluffy white rice, one meat item, 2 vegetable dishes, kuah assam pedas drowning the rice plus condiments of serunding and sambal belachan. And if the makcik doesn’t have pms on that day she will throw in a couple of keropok just for the jizz of it because the night before pakcik bagi service baguuuuuuus punya. Halal ok.

Point is. Do not discriminate. Want to complain can. But make sure it’s constructive and fair. Never destructive. Show empathy. CBTL have the rights to charge such an amount as they have built their branding which is pivotal in f&b. And the makcik too have the rights to charge so much as you wouldn’t know that prices of ingredients fluctuates. Rental is not cheap. Manpower problem is a bitch in Singapore. Like I said time and time again practice empathy. Cause I feel their pain. And I am also a chef. After all chefs are nothing but glorified hawkers



Do you agree with the complainant?

Should we be more appreciative and supportive towards small food operators and hawkers in Singapore?


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