Reckless PHV Driver Caused Accident

Someone posted a video about a Singapore PHV – Private Hire Vehicle, causing an accident recently..

In the video posted, the said reckless sliver PHV – Toyota Prius drove out to the main road abruptly without giving way to on-coming traffic. Due to the irresponsible act, it caused a motorcycle to skid and fell down on the road..

Both the male rider and female pillion suffered slight abrasions, with no serious injuries luckily..

The person who posted the video, angrily criticized the said driver of having a lack of empathy, as the driver was heard telling the motorcyclist that he have no right to claim, as the PHV did not hit the motorcycle at all..

Source: Ms Felicia Tong


Below is the original post:


Below are some screen grabs from the actual video:


Here is the close-up photograph taken of the said PHV car with license plate number:


Below is the original video link by the person who posted it:

*Note: As this video is shared directly from the person who posted the video, our website have no control over its quality and availability etc.

Posted by Felicia Tong on Sunday, April 14, 2019


Below are some comments in regards to the said accident video:


Who do you think is at fault here?

Is the PHV driver right to say that the motorcyclist have no right to claim against him?


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