Advice Needed for Car Vandalism in Singapore

A lady posted this complaint in Facebook about his father’s car being vandalized by someone..

Although the case was thrown out of Court, the lady suspect it was an “ex-friend” of her father who had committed the act.

Complainant is seeking for help or advice on how justice can be served..

If anyone have any information relating to this case, please contact the complainant HERE.



Here is the orginal Facebook post:



Below is the text extract for easy reading:


Seeking help for my dad’s vehicle that has been damaged twice over the duration of 2 months, amounting to more than 10,000 SGD.

The case has been dismissed by court as of 18 April.

Believed to be done by his ex friend who’s no longer in contact with him since 2 to 3 years ago but saw my dad in a petroleum station in Malaysia last year.


1st incident: 

What happened: 
– Corrosive liquid was poured all over his car
– Scratches

– Car Camera
– Was able to capture his facial features and my dad immediately recognised him
– Same car (model & color) my dad saw in Malaysia
– Walks exactly like his friend with arms swinging

Time of incident: 
Around 5.30am

What was done:
– Police Report
– No news; no results

After 3 weeks, car has finally been repaired with new paint and parked at the same carpark.


2nd Incident:

What happened:
– Corrosive liquid poured all over the car
– All 4 tyres have been punctured this time

– Car camera
– Captured red vehicle again
– Same guy with same walking style
– Facial features more prominent this time

Time of incident: 
Around 5am

What was done:
– Police report made
– Culprit asked to head down for interrogation


As you can see, 
– Both incidents happened the same way
– The same red vehicle was captured twice from the camera when incident happened
– Camera was able to capture his face but since it was dark, it’s not 100% clear

What the police told us:
– No punishment 
– No compensation unless brought to court with lawyer



Went down to the court on 18 April and was told case is dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

They said we should settle this ourselves as we are not able to capture clearly of his face.

The lighting in the carpark was so dim and only specific areas have light.

Was it our fault that the camera was not able to capture his face clearly? Would a criminal be so dumb to show his face if he were to commit a crime?

Considering someone who doesn’t live here enters into the carpark on two separate occasions in the early wee hours (around 4-5am) stayed in the carpark for 20 to 30 mins, is not considered as suspicious?

Was told even if he drives into the carpark 5 mins before and after the time of incident, it does not mean that he was the one doing it.


Honestly, I’m not surprised that the incident would happen the second time because it took the police so long to update us about the investigations.

I’m really disappointed about how they don’t take these matters more strictly.

They told us they can’t verify the culprit because there aren’t any strong evidence which is ABSURD.

Both incidents happened the same way and around the same time with the same vehicle going past whenever it happened and it’s not a SOLID evidence?

It’s more than 10,000 dollars lost, and they’re not bothered.

The next incident is most likely to happen AGAIN very soon since he will be let off so easily, it could be my dad’s life that could be in danger or it could be ANY of my family members.

What’s worse is that this could happen to ANY OF YOU. And nothing will be done as anyone can commit such crime and be let off easily.

Is this the community you want?


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I would like to seek justice for my dad and for my family and also possibly help strengthen regulations and laws in the our community, to prevent incidents like this from happening to anyone and not let the culprit off easily like our case. It may be a small amount to most, but money is still money. It’s not just the money, but the way of living is affected.

If you know any 
– Solutions
– Good lawyers
– People who can edit crime videos to enhance clarity

Please comment below and share this.

Thank you for your time.




Under Singapore law, the maximum penalty for mischief (Section 425, Chapter 224 of the Penal Code) is one year’s jail and a fine.

Whoever commits mischief and causes loss or damage to the amount of $500 or upwards, shall be punished with up to two years, fined or both.


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