Local Bus Company Rejected Injury Claim For A 6-Year Old?

An angry father wrote a letter of an injury claim to a local bus service company in Singapore, due to an accident on board one of their bus last year, but was rejected by the bus company!

In his complaint post (about the whole story) on Facebook, he wrote that that his wife and son were on board on the bus.. While walking to exit door, the said bus driver applied emergency brake to avoid a collision with a motorcycle, as a result, complainant’s son flung about 1-meter away and hit his head, resulted in an injury.

According to the father, the claim is considerably small, but somehow the said bus company “push” the blame towards his wife and son for not holding on to the support, and rejected his claim!


Here is the actual Facebook post:


Here is the text extract for easy reading:

6 Year Old injured in SBS Bus due to Road Accident, and they say it’s the boy fault.

I am super shock that SBS not admitting our claim for medical fees, due to a bus accident!
They say during road accident my wife and son is not holding any support (is SBS right to use that as a excuse?), how to hold all the time when walking to the exit?

On 20 nov 2018, the SBS bus applies Emergency Brake to avoid collisions with a motorcycle. Result to my 6 years old son flew 1 meter and hit on his head. 
It’s just a small amount of claim, and what frustrating is SBS push the blame to my wife and son!

Sad that we had such reply.


Below is the written reply by the said bus company in Singapore:


The said bus and the motorcycle involving in the accident:


Below are some immediate responses in relating to the said post:


What do you think of the reply by the bus company?

Do you think it’s right for bus company to put the onus of safety on their passengers?


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