Appeal for Witness: Fatal Accident on 19 April 2019 along CTE

The sister of a deceased motorcyclist in a recent fatal accident along CTE, towards City, right before Braddell Road exit, would like to appeal for witness for the said accident..

Police investigation is ongoing but any information provided might be useful.

The said accident motorcycle is a BMW, model S1000RR, with plate number: FBK 6016 J.
The male rider was wearing black and blue helmet, and the female pillion was wearing a black & read helmet (she was conscious and conveyed to hospital, as reported by local news media).

Anyone with any form of information, may contact contact the deceased’s sister, please click HERE.


Below is the original Facebook post:

Source: Tianyin Chew (Facebook)


Aftermath of the accident…
Source: The Straits Times
Click HERE to Read More at The Straits Times (Online)


Below is the text extract of the original Facebook post for easy reading:


Dear all,

I believed most of you had read about the recent fatal accident which happened at CTE (towards City, before Braddell Rd exit) on 19 Apr 2019, Good Friday, involving 4 cars and 1 motorcycle.

I am the motorcyclist’s sister and I would like to seek for your assistance. As investigations are ongoing, there are so much unknown to it. Hence, I would like to seek for everyone’s help.

To all fellow brothers and sisters out there, who were driving/ riding along CTE (towards City, before Braddell Rd exit) around 11pm-12am, please help me to check if your dashboard camera managed to capture any relevant last footage of my brother riding past.

His bike model is BMW S1000rr.
His bike plate number is FBK6016J.
Rider was wearing a black and blue helmet whereas the pillion was wearing a black and red helmet.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s just 1 second of him that went past your vehicle. I just hope to piece together everything which happened that night and at the very least, give my family and the pillion’s family an explanation.

So, please let me know if you have any concrete video or information regarding this unfortunate accident. I will leave my email with the admin and if it is necessary, you may ask from them.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this and as much as my family are grieving, we would like to have an answer to my brother’s death.


We would like to express our deepest condolences to the deceased next-of-kins and love ones.. and sincerely hope anyone who had witnessed the fatal accident to come forward to assist..

To contact the deceased’s sister, please click HERE.

or to contact the Traffic Police below:

Traffic Police Information Hotline (for traffic related enquiries)Tel: 6547 0000


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