Cheating Fishmonger in Rivervale Plaza Wet Market

A member of our Complaint Singapore Facebook Group posted a complaint about a fishmonger who had insisted her elderly mother to pay “again” for her purchases, despite her already paid for it moments ago..

Even though the family tried to reasoned out with the said fishmonger, he was not convinced and still kept arguing that complainant’s mother did not pay at all!

Complainant felt angry that the said fishmonger had wrongly accused and shamed her elderly mother, she also felt they were cheated and had tried to reach out to the Management of the wet market but to was unable to find anyone…



Here is the original Facebook post:


Here is the text extract of the original post for easy reading:

I will like to share my bad experience with this fishmonger (photos attached) on last Saturday at the Rivervale Plaza Wet Market around 9.45am and will like to alert everyone who purchases from this particular fishmonger. He cheated us though my mum who is a senior citizen paid him for the purchases of red snapper and prawns upfront and he still accused her of not paying for it and refused to pass our purchases.

He passed the red snapper to his assistant to cut it into small pieces and that is when my mum paid the $30 for both the purchases and he took it and threw the money inside his cash tin reluctantly. After which when his assistant passed the red snapper he requested for the $30 again from my mum. We told him we just paid for it and even told him to check on his cash tin. He took out the 3 $10 dollars note which my mum paid and still was not satisfied. He kept arguing to my mum that she didn’t pay for it.

We felt very cheated and it was very embarrassing as he was accusing my mum of not paying and didn’t pass us the red snapper and prawns despite paying for it. He is a real cheater and do not be fooled by this Fishmonger!! We tried to contact the management but they were unreachable and we couldn’t find any CCTV near his stall. Attached are the photos of the fishmonger and please be on alert at Rivervale Plaza Wet Market.


Is there any misunderstanding here? What can be done to prevent such incidents from happening?

Should the fishmonger handled the situation more tactfully?


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  1. Michael Lim

    Post the photos of such cheats. Why civered his face? Cgeating elderly people somemore.

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