Fake Tenants Registered to Address in Singapore

Someone wrote a post in Facebook that he discovered 5 unknown persons, likely foreigners, registered to his home address in Singapore, without his permission or acknowledgement!

According to him, he did know know why these people are registered as “tenants” to his unit at a Singapore condominium.

He then updated the records, and removed the said people in MOM website – Ministry of Manpower, and also lodged an official complaint to them, who informed him they will be contacting the said Companies to investigate further..

For more details, please refer to the MOM website – Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service for homeowners.


Below is the original complaint post in Facebook:


Here is the text extract for easy reading:

Hi guys, I’m sharing this post to create awareness which I feel is necessary to protect our house from any unwanted situations.

This morning I received a WhatsApp message from my neighbor who shared this MOM website and asked me to check if there’re any Foreign Workers who are working in Singapore and had registered with MOM their residing address using our residential address without our knowledge. She said many other neighbors shared that they faced this issue.

So I went to the MOM website and was shocked that there were not one but five unknown persons had registered with MOM using my residential address. What if they made an illegal loan with a loanshark? What happened if they had done something wrong and out of the sudden the police came standing in front of our house? What if.. Aduh, panic siol!

Since then, I had reported to MOM regarding this matter and also had emailed these unknown persons’ respective companies to inform them what is happening. I wonder if this is the work of hiring company or the employment agent. Haish… 😭

So, if you do feel concern like I do, please click on the website down below and do a check. Do inform MOM if you are experiencing similar situation like mine.

Lastly, thank you XXX XXXX for sharing this info.



Here is the query result made by the complainant, showing the 5 unknown persons registered to his condominium unit:


Some comments relating to the said complaint post:


Is there something wrong with the MOM’s website for Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service for homeowners?

What can be done to prevent such incidents from happening?


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