Dishonest Car Workshop in Johor Bahru?

A member of Complaint Singapore Facebook Group had posted a complaint about a dishonest car workshop in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and advising everyone to be take note, and beware of such dishonest practices..

According to him, he drove his car to the said workshop located along Jalan Data Sulaiman in Johor Bahru.. After some brief discussion with the mechanic, he proceeded to KSL Shopping Mall, leaving the car to the said workshop.

When he came back, he was slapped with a bill of 1,788 Ringgit bill..!!

As mentioned in the post, the car was sent in for a routine servicing, as such he did not expect it to be so costly, especially when there was no prior discussion on the prices before work commence


Below is the original Facebook post:


Below is the text extract of the original post for convenient reading:

Hi guys, I don’t normally complain too much, especially in public forums to people I don’t know personally.

But I went to do my car servicing in JB at this workshop called Century Automotive at Jalan Dato Sulaiman.

I told the mechanic to check and see what I need to fix, and he briefly talked through what he needed to do. He said it would take 2+ hours so I went off to KSL first.

I came back – and to my shock the bill was RM $1788!!! I said why is it so expensive and the counter girl just said that’s the price. I asked for a discount and she gave me a very generous RM $28 off (I’m being sarcastic here).

Price for servicing? RM $1760! Please help me share this post so people avoid this place like the plague. —  feeling angry.


Here is a photograph of the original receipt showing the itemized breakdown..



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Another member also shared his bad experience with the same workshop..


When sending vehicle for any repair or servicing works, it is always recommended to confirm on the final price before any job commencement..

Never leave your vehicle with anyone, workshop or cash wash, especially when you are at a foreign country.. You never know what they will do to your vehicle!


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