Missing Iphone & Wrongful Termination?

A member of Complaint Singapore Facebook Group posted her situation…

In her post, she mentioned that she received a parcel from her friend, which contains an Iphone XS, however when the parcel arrived at the workplace, she was busy working, and as such, her “boss” helped to sign-off and received the parcel on her behalf..

However, when she opened the box, the said Iphone XS was missing..

After questioning her boss, the boss denied any responsibility and instructed her not to send any parcel to the workplace in the future!

Next thing she know, she was abruptly terminated via by the said Company without any reason…



Here is the text extract from the original post for easy reading:

Hello everyone here ! I wish to hear all the right way and good idea from you guys . 

I really don’t what should i do now because the first time happened to me . My friend in London was sent IPhone XS to me in Singapore 🇸🇬 on Monday of this week from DHL company. 

On Monday at 2:30 pm the guy bring gift box to my company the same time I doing foot massages for my client then I was tell to my client that give to me one second to take my things but my boss tell me continue do my work not allowed for I let client wait . 

I think my boss should he tell the guy wait for me finished my work first and take my things but he’s didn’t do it . 

He decided to signed letter from the gift under my name even I don’t know . After 30 minuets when I finished my client I show the gift keep counter then I ask him how you get this one it under my name at all . He said it ok I was signed and get it I also paid 146.72 $ for tax . 

I surprise why he decided to do it even I never ask him . 

I’m very excited to open my gift OMG empty inside Iphone missing. Then I called to service customer of DHL company to inform them that empty inside box gift but they said some body already sign I ask them please check who’s was signed I’m not the one do that . 

Then I was come to ask my boss did you 
check box gift before you sign ? Did you know what kind of thing inside box ? The box empty IPhone missing. He give me the reason I don’t know . I was tell him again I never ask you to help me sign my letter and you should know what kind of things inside , check before the guy leave or other way you ask the guy wait for me until I finish my work then I take by myself . 
should not to sign any letter if not under your name. Then he scold and say why your friend sent things here now give me problems From now to future if your friend wants send you anything don’t send here

Normally I go work at 10 am every day on Tuesday the same and I finished work at 10 pm but that day he not come to Shop .

Morning Wednesday he sent me messages that’s company was terminated me then no need go work I also I don’t what was happened even I never do anything wrong before and the company never give to me any morning letter . 

Then I know what the right reason he terminate me because he did wrong way that sign letter to take my things without any request from me . 

🙏please let me know I can go to MOM complain about that . ???? I have all my right to do it ??? 
Please let me know what should I do !!! 
I wait to hear all good ideas from you guys .


Below are some photographs posted by the complainant:


Here are come comments in regards to the said complaint post:


So what can the complainant do now?

Is there any way to know who had taken the phone?


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