Rude Shop Owner in Sim Lim Square?

A member of our Complaint Singapore FaceBook group posted a complaint about a rude shop owner in Sim Lim Square..

According to her complaint post, her family had visited a repair shop in Sim Lim Square, and while waiting for payment after the repair, due to space constraint, complainant’s husband parked the stroller near to another shop.. However, the shop owner was not very happy about it and made lots of noise, and even scolded complainant’s husband..!

Complainant did confront the said shop owner and had taken some photographs and video of the said shop owner..


Original Facebook post is here:


Here is the text extract of the post for easy reading:

I would like to share a bad experience that my family encountered this afternoon.

This afternoon at around 4 pm, we went to Sim Lim Square to repair my iPad Mini, iPhone (both was disabled and I tried enabling on my own but failed.) and buy adapter for my laptop. We went up to Sim Lim Square Level 5 (#05-05) (near the back) and manage to find someone to help me on that. He told us to be come back in about 1 hour time to collect everything.

After 1 hour, we went back to collect the items from the shop. There was a quite a number of customers standing at the shop area around 6-7 adults and a stroller. Therefore, my hubbie who is pushing my baby in the stroller could not pushed there but was standing at next door shop area (arrow in the pic). It was like less than 1-2 minutes time (making payment). The shop owner of #05-04 was making noise and raising his voice in chinese at my hubbie as he was standing there with the stroller. My hubbie apologized and replied politely he did not know he cannot stand there with the stroller and was leaving. We were already pushing the stroller away from the shop (like 1-2 shops away) and he started shouting and scolding my hubbie that he does not have brain and is 白痴 (Moron). I got pissed off and went back to the shop and told him off, why do you need to scold my hubbie Moron.

Both the shop owner of #05-05 and the opposite shop owner signaled to me that he is crazy.

I took a few photos of the shop with him and video of him rumbling and muttering while I am taking the video.

May I know if it is right to scold us moron when we are standing at the extreme right end of his shop?


Below are some photographs taken by the complainant of the said shop owner:


Some immediate comments for the post:


Is it right for the shop owner to be rude and scolding others when blocking his shop for a short while?

Have you ever face such shop owners in Singapore?


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