Boy Fell And Injured Head in Singapore Restaurant

An angry father wrote a Facebook post to report a case whereby his son had a fall in a restaurant’s toilet due to its slippery wet floor. Complainant’s son suffered a cut on the back of his head and was bleeding..

When complainant reported the incident to the staff of the said Singapore Indian Restaurant along North Bridge Road, the staff rebuked complainant saying the floor is wet, so his son should have hold on to complainant to prevent from falling..

Complainant had since sent his son to hospital, and will be lodging a police report and claim against the said restaurant!


Here is the original Facebook post:


A search on the Facebook, found the said restaurant’s profile as reported by Complainant:


Below is a text extract for the original Facebook post:

My son just had a fall at the toilet area at victory restaurant. His head hit the kerb as the floor was wet. I immediately complained to the guy at the cashier regarding this and all he had to say was sorry. I told him off, saying i am going to the hospital and will claim victory restaurant for this.

I asked my wife to take a photo of the floor,which as u can see has been wiped using tissue immediately.

Im going to the hospital immediately to get him checked as his head has a small cut and was bleeding. What irks me was that,the guy(at the cashier) just have a look at my son and says that the floor is wet and should have hold on to him so that he wouldn’t fall. Omg… What if it is some random old people who slipped and hit his head on the kerb. Would they have done something then.

I will still be claiming victory restaurant for this and will make a police report if they twist back the story.


Below is a photograph posted by complainant to show the condition of the toilet floor:


Following are some photographs of the injury suffered by complainant’s son, due to the fall:


Below is some immediate comment and conversation with the father (complainant):


A quick search online, we found that under Singapore’s law of tort, complainant may be able to claim on the following, if the said restaurant refused to compensate:

Claiming under the “Tort of Negligence”, the following points need to be established against the person/entity you are suing:

  • Owed you a duty of care;
  • Breached that duty of care due to a wrongful act or omission, thus resulting in your personal injury; and
  • Caused a damage that is of a foreseeable nature.

*Disclaimer: Our research as mentioned is purely based on random internet search. For the correct and accurate legal advice, please consult a professional legal practitioner.


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