A member of Complaint Singapore Facebook group posted a complaint about his experience in “Geylang Bazaar” – likely to be Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 (3 May – 5 June).

In this post, he mentioned that some inconsiderate diners (believed to be non-Muslim) are occupying or reserving tables and seats, which makes it difficult for Muslims to find a vacant table to break their fast at the “Iftartiming for breaking fast“.

He felt that non-Muslim diners should be more thoughtful, especially during this festive month period.. However, lots of immediate comments for the said post felt otherwise..


Below is the original complaint post:


Here is the original text extract for easy reading:

I wanna complaint and create awareness to this 3 racist idiot!!

happen at geylang bazaar
i know that this bazzar is not belongs to my grandpa grandma everyone can seat here and eat dinner but hello its fasting month why cant u gave up the seats to muslim whom wanna break thier fasting? u have like about 0700hrs- 1900hrs to eat at here why u choose breaking fast timing @1910hrs? the place also never stated 1910hrs only for muslim to break fast but have a little heart and humanity towards those muslim out there!!

the chinese guy in white seated on the table enjoy his burger and fries,whereas the 2 in black couple when to get thier food..the seat are empty meanwhile the 2 couple finding for food so many of the muslim family or couple keep asking for seat but the male in white said the seat are chop so this particular muslim said im hungry and i wanna break fast can i have the seat? to my shock he said thats ur problem we are here first and the seat is already chop for my 2 friends!! oh my godness where the sense of human? when the 2 couple arrived at the seat the were talking about what happen to the family asking for seat and they laugh happily dont know if its funny for someone beg for seat to breakfast thier hunger ;,(
#NoToRacist #RacialHormony


Below are the immediate comments relating to the post, and even some from our Muslim members:

Some even praise our Muslim members for supporting racial harmony…


So is the said member bring over-sensitive or it’s a matter of self-entitlement?

Should non-Muslim diners be more considerate and “give way” to Muslims to break their fast first?


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