Fake News For Missing Boy?

Recently someone is posting around various social media about a missing 7 year old boy in Singapore for more than 38 days as claimed.

The person who posted the missing person post had lodged a police report (with a report number as well), and also left a Singapore contact number for anyone with information about the whereabout of the missing boy..

However, subsequently, someone claimed to know the whereabout of the boy came out and informed everyone the boy is safe and explained this is actually a family matter and they are currently solving it with the help of the authority..

Note: All identity and information are masked away to protect the privacy of all parties, for more information, please contact us via our contact form. Thank you! 


Below is the said post circulating around social media, and widely shared by lots of people..


Below is a subsequent post by another person who show proofs that the matter is not really about a missing person but rather a family matter..

The said person who know the whereabout of the boy, seeks everyone’s assistance by not believing the fake post and not spreading it further..


Here are some comments made regarding the post, and also the response from the person who knows the whereabout of the boy (believed to be a relative of the boy):


This is a good example to show that not all online posts are real..

Sometimes, people with bad intention may abuse social media and starts spreading fake news or information for their own gain.

Beware of such practices!

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