Summarize on Crucial Changes to Poha on Online Harassment & Offense

There are some crucial changes to the Protection from Harassment Act (Poha)(Chapter 256A) were passed in Singapore Parliament on 7th May 2019, so as to simplify on the procedures for victims of online and social media bullying and harassment, and also to tackle offences such as doxxing etc.

A new court is also created under the State Courts to streamline the court process for victim seeking a court order to deal with online and other relating harassment covered within the Act.

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Supreme Court of Singapore



A. Doxxing

Doxxing: Which is the act of posting personal information relating to a victim’s identity. It is now an offense if it fits at least one of the following these criteria:

Made with the intention to harass the victim;
Made with the knowledge or intention to put the victim in fear of violence; &
Made with the knowledge or intention to provoke the use of violence against the victim.

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Some examples that DO NOT constitute doxxing are:

Identifying the perpetrators of crimes, including traffic offenses or Poha offenses; &
Posting photographs or videos of public disputes to give a factual account of the incident.


B. Curbing the Spread of Online Falsehoods

The amended law also enables victims to go to seek an order in Court to require a third party to publish a correction, if “serious harm” to an individual party’s reputation was tarnished due to the false publication.

The new order joins four existing orders in Poha, and enhanced to allow interim orders to be made, so as to curb the spread of false statements more swiftly. They are:

Stop Publication Orders:
Stop any publication of false statements by individuals or entities

Correction Orders:

Require the publication of a corrected statement or draw attention to the falsity in the false statement

Disabling Orders:

Require the disabling of access to false statements circulated by an Internet intermediary

Targeted Correction Orders:

Requiring the distribution of a correction of false statement to viewers on the Internet intermediary’s platform


​These orders can be made by the court if both the following criteria are satisfied:

The statement being complained of is false; &
It is just and equitable to seek the order;

Protection will also extend to entities to ensure that companies and their staff do not suffer or lose their livelihoods as a result of falsehoods.

These provisions will deal only with false statements of fact such as misleading statements. This will not include criticism, opinions, satire and parody.

For more details on the Poha, you may read the article by TODAYonline HERE.



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