Water Added to Tiger Beer at Wedding (Malaysia)


An angry host of a wedding buffet at Ipoh, Malaysia posted a Facebook complaint in which he engaged a local “Tiger Beer” distributor to supply beer for the wedding..

However, the distributor’s staff that mends the beer counter was caught drinking from the beer bottles, and subsequently pour water into the “opened” bottles instead!

Complainant felt cheated and may take up legal action against the distributor, despite being compensated through some discount off the total bill.

Here is the original Facebook post:


Below the text extract of the original Facebook post:

I’m one of the customer from Ipoh. Who host a wedding buffet and dinner.and I had requested tiger beer as my dinner official beer which Is distributed by tong San chan distributors sdn bhd.

During that night a bad cases has been happen. Which my friend and some of my relative found out that the tiger beer which serve by TONG SAN CHAN DISTRIBUTOR.

In the NEWLY OPEN BOTTLE CAP BY THE DISTRIBUTOR STAFF which consist NOT BEER BUT IS WATER WHICH FILL IN THE TIGER BEER BOTTLE. once my friend notice it and the staff take back the bottle and then the staff take another bottle to pour to my friend cup. But is still the same which also the Tiger beer bottle consist only water and not beer. The the staff was very irresponsible and take the beer back to their counter and direct pour it to the floor which consist of sand.

I was inform by my friend. I direct to walk over to the beer counter and ask for the incident and the staff also admit the TIGER BEER BOTTLE WAS CONSIST OF WATER AND NOT A REAL BEER.

Personally I think this is not first time this type of think happen. It seem like the TIGER BEER STAFF are very steady and look like very normal expressions seem they know this about.

In here I would post it to fb to let all my relatives,friend, all attendants, and tiger beer lover…I HAD ORDER FOR TIGER BEER GENUINE FROM THE MAIN DISTRIBUTOR BUT COME OUT WITH THIS INCIDENT. This is not I CHEAT ALL THE ATTENDANT WHICH I BROUGHT FAKE BEER FOR YOU ALL. Hope all the attendance would understand my situation and in her I would like to APOLOGIZE TO ALL MY WEDDING ATTENDANTs. Attach are the incident report which wrote by the distributor.

I will consider to take any legal action for this incident. It really make me feel shame.

Complainant uploaded the invoice from the said beer distributor and also the apology + compensation letter from them too..


in the beer distributor’s letter, they informed complainant they have terminated the said errant staffs mending the beer counter on the said day.


This is photograph of the said errant staff mending the counter:

Have anyone experience such case before?

Hopefully, such similar incident will not occur in Singapore..

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