Fake Harvey Norman Singapore Facebook Ads Circulating

There seems to be a fake Harvey Norman Singapore Facebook ad circulating on Facebook right now, bringing unsuspected victim to an external website (after clicking) to participate in a survey which promises monetary rewards etc..

Based on several sources, the recent scam ad was advertised (sponsored) using “Harvey Norman_Singapore” Facebook page name, which have an additional “hyphen” right between both the wording: “Norman” and “Singapore” as per the screengrab below

The scam website is an external one which have no link with Harvey Norman Singapore at all, and once anyone participated in the survey, it will require personal information to be given, which may lead to identity theft or even credit card charges etc..

The original Harvey Norman Singapore Facebook page looks like the below screengrab, and does not have the additional “hyphen” between the wordings..

Even on the official Harvey Norman Singapore Facebook page, they are posting an alert message to warn everyone of the presence of scammers impersonating them currently..

Do take necessary precaution and do not fall into such online traps..

For more information on other Harvey Norman Singapore scams, you can click the below link: https://www.harveynorman.com.sg/security-alerts.html

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