Vietnamese Wife’s Helpless Plead

A helpless wife posted a lengthly post in our Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

In her post, she wrote about how her husband assaulted her for a period of time, even when she was pregnant with a child, and went to KTV to have fun with friends.

According to her, the husband even asked her ( while pregnant with the 2nd child ) to go back to her country at Vietnam with her son, as he have no money for them, and even kept telling others that the first child does not belong to him..

Complainant felt lost and seeking for advice, as her husband had left for Vietnam with another woman, and will be calling her via video call, and plead that her husband can leave the woman, and possibly come back to her and the child..

Complainant had uploaded a video of the assault, however due to privacy issue, we can only upload a snapshot of the video here..

A snapshot of the video recording

Below is the full text extract for easy reading:

I’m the person wife.

This is the 1 video on 6 videos my sis help me today when he keep hit me.
I’m Vietnamese. I stay with him 2ys alr. Like everybody can see. He and me got 1 Chil 18m. When I pregnant the first child. He always throw me at home alone till 2-3am for can go ktv with all he frend.
After I give birth. He start to hit me everytime when after he go drink and ktv go back home.
This time I just have pregnant 3 months. Last month when I pregnant 7weeks. He also hit me utill I need to call police go down.

He try to take all my money inside wallet, take all my card, my passport for me cannot leave out him. But when I stay with him for 2ys at least he got hit me 6-7times alr.
Hw always lie on 2ys go ktv at 298 jalan besar. Last year got 1 girl there msg to me and say he always come down and tell with everybody my child is not he child.
And ytd he come this ktv again till 2:30am. Today morning keep hit me like this and ask me go back vn with my son. He no want to pay money for the second baby and ask me go to hospital cancel alone.

One 2ys I also knw he is the morbid guy. Always waiting to me and my son sleep then can send email to chat sex with some girl on Internet.

And now. After I go out with my son. He take all he clothes and money, Block my phone and even the computer for baby can play he also lock. He move to go stay with the ktv girl last time he meet at ktv. Last month I also can catch him 1 time to go ktv and buy 1 more phone can contact with her. But today. When he throw me and baby go out 1 more time. He straight to take all luggage leave there with her and throw me here after hit me in the morning. For 2ys, I’m alway try to do best at home take care baby, but with him to say, take care baby is some things very easy and not tired. With him to say when I at home mean I nv work and not earn money. But how much I earn for every month for do many job at home he also can see. Everyday he give me and my baby 10$ on table for boths can eat 2 times. I also nv complain or leave out him becoz he treat me and my baby like that. But till now, when I really have pregnant and he also knw alr and till can hit me utill like this. I think myself cannot control alr.

I no want to post all this. I no want everybody laugh to my face also. But when he block all my way, try to throw my life more hard I need to do something for myself and my baby. Now he run go to HoChiMinh city with another Vietnam girl and they straight to video call for me.

PLS can tell me what I need to do for tml with him and the girl.


Here are some photographs of the reported injuries..

This is a photograph of the husband as posted by the complainant..
(*identity is masked away for privacy purpose)

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