Poor Service From Causeway Link Bus?

An angry passenger posted a complaint against Causeway Link, a bus company that provides transport service between Singapore and Malaysia.

In the post, the complainant mentioned she was taking bus – JSN 7081 from Bugis bus terminal, but as she was feeling unwell, she asked a friend to help her queue up instead..

When she was about to board the bus, a man believed to be a staff of the bus company, shouted at her and ask her to queue up and refused to listen to her explanation. It was only after her friend explaining to him that complainant was pregnant and feeling unwell, the man finally lower his tone..

Complainant felt that the bus company should send their staffs for some kind of customer training to avoid such incident from reoccurring in future.


Below is the photographs submitted by complainant for the bus she was taking and the man who shouted at her..

Complainant even posted a proof to show that she was pregnant..

Hopefully the mentioned bus company can improve their customer service and take extra care when handing pregnant passengers and those who are unwell etc…

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