Local Delivery Missing In Action

A Facebook user posted an unpleasant experience with a local well-known Company that sells honey & health products..

According to her post, she had ordered and paid in full for the orders to be delivered to her house. However the delivery man failed to deliver the items to the buyer, and even claimed someone had signed for the paid items.

The next day, the buyer called the office and raised the issue to the Company, however, they informed that they are unable to do anything as the items are signed and delivered.

Here is the original Facebook post:


Below is the full text extract for easier reading:

Update as of 09/07/19
Yummi house called. Ask me to go down to their HQ in Taiseng to talk to management

Just want to share my bad experiences on YUMMI HOUSE in Singapore. I will not buy any honey or any product from them again. I has been their loyal customer many years back. BUT recently, had a very bad experiences on them.

On 06-APR-2019, I bought 6 tub of honey cost me SGD 475.60, they provide free delivery to my door step. Therefore, I PAID all and got contacted next few days to arrange the delivery on 15/4/2019 1PM. On 15/4 late morning, a delivery man called me to check whether anyone home at 1pm.

After 1pm and couple of hours later, the delivery man never turn up, I called the driver and he turned up and show me the receipt, claimed the honey been delivered and got signed by XXXX. I have no idea who is this XXXX. And when I question back this driver, he can’t confirm and ensure that, he DID delivered the honey to my HOUSE.

Next day I called to Yummi House office, their answer is, they CANT do anything, no matter re-send or refund, because the goods been delivered and received.

For the passed 2 months, since April to June, been followed up many calls to check the status, I am getting the same answer from them. They are not going to re-send or re-fund any single $$ to me.

I felt very disappointed on this matter, and decided to lodge a police report.


A screenshot of the receipt


The said Company was however quick to response to the Facebook complaint..

Below are some comments in regards to the incident:

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