GoJek Driver Celebrates National Day The Unique Way

A Singapore GoJek driver of a Toyota Altis – SJN 6450 C (over) decorated his car for Singapore’s National Day recently, and really caught the eyes of many… including the eyes of local Traffic Police (TP) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers too!

According to various sources, the said vehicle was stopped many times by both the TP and LTA officers, likely because the over-decorated car may cause an obstruction to his view when driving the vehicle, and may cause a danger to other road users etc.

However, it seems his over-decorated National Day car caught the attention of our local media on this exclusive video of the vehicle, making the driver famous now..

Video Source: The Straits Times

Below are some of the online photographs posted showing that the said vehicle was stopped by local authorities..

So is this a good way to honour our country’s National Day or is it another case of attention-seeker?

What do you think?

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