Miserable Portion Delivered from Popular Restaurant Selling Chicken Rice?

A Facebook user had posted her unhappiness for the miserable portion packed by a popular restaurant selling chicken rice in Singapore.

According to her post, she had ordered several times via local delivery service, and experienced inconsistency in their food preparation standard, which is disappointing.

Below is the actual Facebook post she posted:


The original Facebook post text extract is here:

Taste wise for the chicken rice is 10/10. However, the portion is VERY disappointing!! The portion given is like a meal for a 3 year old! This is not even the first time we ordered from srisun at amk.. We have been ordering with them in grab food app. Inconsistencies in their food preparation always makes us think twice or even thrice before ordering hoping that the food prepared for the day at least do not disappoint us. But we will always end up disappointed..


Another Facebook user commented on the said post:

$5 for this small portion is really utter disappointing. The portion i would say is similar to Ananas, but Ananas cost is only $2. The fact that we have been ordering with them via grab food cos we told ourselves that perhaps the portion issue may just be a one time thing. But apparently, we have been receiving the same portion everytime. I guess because we were ‘wow’ed during the first time we ordered as the price and portion was comparable. Tapi tengok gambar lunch hari nie, rasa sedih because this is the worst serving ever. Not trying to bring down any business, but i would love to raise the issue with the management of Srisun. Cos it has happened more than 3 times. We kept ordering from them because their chicken rice is no doubt tasty but that does not justify the portion. Today’s lunch portion i definitely felt cheated.


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