Lady Dound A Coiled Rubber Band Inside A Packet Of Calbee Granola!

A member of our “COMPLAINT SINGAPOREFacebook group had posted a complaint in which she found a coiled rubber band inside a packet of Calbee Granola which she purchased from an outlet of DON DON DONKI Singapore.

According to the complainant, she nearly swallowed the said rubber band as the color and texture are similar to the granola. Luckily this is not fed to any children or the elderly, if not, the consequence will be severe.

The case is already reported to relevant authority for investigation.

Source: Jessie Yeo

Below is the original text in her post:

“found a coiled rubber band inside my packet of Calbee granola which I purchased from Donki ; nearly swallowed this rubber band because the color/texture is similar to the granola. Imagine if this is fed to the children or the elderly.”

To view the original post, click the link below:

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