Neighbours From Hell

A member of our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group shared her bad experiences with her neighbours in Singapore.

Below are the original content sent to us:

My children and I have been shouted at with vulgarities and threatened through the use of intimidating behavior by our neighbor (non-Singaporean). Other neighbours and security guards have experienced similar incidents from this same person and wife and filed reports as well.

All incidents were unprovoked (details below). I am concerned and fearful for my family’s safety.

Our sons use the same school bus and we live in the same lobby of only 22 units. Whilst I am contemplating a Protection Order, it is also not guaranteed.

We thought about having my husband and the husbands of the neighbors approach the Individual to discuss and ensure this wouldn’t happen again. However, we were concerned that given this Individual is the General Counsel, APAC of a German firm – we are concerned there is a risk that the Individual may twist a story against our husbands and we run into unnecessary issues.

A private civil suit was unadvised as if successful, we may be entitled to claim damages which is not our objective. Our objective is to ensure the Individual does not continue to harass our families and others. Following months of harassment and investigation, it is deemed that the following incidents do not constitute an “offence” and therefore the case is “closed”.

My takeaway message from this is, it is ok for anyone to use vulgarities, shout or use intimidating behavior of any form in our homeland – even towards women and children. (The two neighbor incidents listed below involved Asian women).

This Individual is now free to potentially continue these acts towards others. If any one has an advice to share, would appreciate it.

Incident 1: Individual came up from behind my car as I parked and exited my driver side, and yelled “Is there a need to horn? … What the f*** man, chill out!” – in front of my children and I. Individual continued to wait outside the car and stared at me.

We did not respond, but locked ourselves in the car. My husband was out of country. This was due to the fact that I horned to ask the taxi to move to the side in dropping off the passenger, so my and other vehicles building up could enter the driveway leading into the car park. Individual was not a passenger; rather a passer-by.

Unfortunately the CCTV footage was overwritten as we did not think to pursue this case and thought to forgive and let the matter slide since we are neighbors.

Incident 2: I wrote a post in a closed FB group for our estate residents regarding safety practices in the basement carpark as I saw a resident using the car park as training grounds to teach their children to learn how to cycle.

Our car parks are quite busy. I had also noticed other dangerous practices by residences and therefore wrote this post.

Individual commented to my post mentioning that I was an arrogant driver “denunciating” others on the road by writing this note to the FB group (in my view was completely irrelevant and I did not seek to condemn any one particular family).

Incident 3: I turned / drove my car onto the ramp leading into the basement carpark. As I turned, I saw the individual and son walking down the ramp (where no human being should be for safety reasons). I switched to the oncoming/next lane to avoid hitting them and as I drove past, the Individual yelled at us. Individual and son stood at bottom of the ramp and waited for my family and I to park (a few meters away from the ramp), staring at us presumably to confront us.

They waited there for approximately 2 mins. We locked ourselves in the car and called security. Luckily there was CCTV footage, however there was no sound. My Husband was also out of country. There have been a couple of other minor incidents where the Individual and I were together in the lift. The Individual would stare at me, presumably to intimidate me. I usually just look away.

Our lifts are private, so at times it is impossible to anticipate if and when the lift is coming from the Individual’s unit. No camera in the lift.

My neighbors incidents are:

– Neighbour 1: walking the dog in the estate grounds. Individuals runs up to Neighbour 1 and shouts vulgarities to F off , and continues in a verbal vulgar tirade as he disagrees on allowing dogs to be walked within the compound

– Neighbour 2: received written vulgarities slipped under their door “Stop f***ing hammering… Stupid Idiot!!!” And “F***” equivalent in another language. Family was out of country but thought to have made loud noise in the middle of the night – Individual has also posted unkind comments about a neighbor lying when asked if he/she would clean up after the dog poop in the condo grounds (see picture) – Individual’s partner has also yelled vulgarities at security guards for requesting them to ensure their children don’t jump on the sofa with their shoes – Individual’s partner has yelled vulgarities at the bus driver for being late in front of kids.

Thank you, and appreciate the patience to read this lengthy post

Do you have such neighbours or have similar story to share with us?
Let us know what you think about this case.

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