Bad PR By Singapore Japanese Restaurant?

A diner recently posted his bad experience with a case of Salmonella, and had suspected contracting it from a Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

Even though a complaint was reported to SFA – Singapore Food Agency, and a sample was taken from the said Japanese restaurant, nothing unusual was detected, other than an unregistered food handler was found at the unit.

Based on the latest updates by reliable source, the unit was found to be “satisfactory” standard in the food preparation process etc.

However what seems not really appropriate is the manner in which the food establishment had replied (in relating to the incident) via their official Facebook page, which may seems to be a bit hostile, leading towards bad PR (Public Relations) for the business, as raised by many Facebook users..

Some Facebook comments in response to Itacho Sushi’s reply
Source: Facebook

Salmonella is normally caused by the consumption of raw or partial cooked meat products.

Symptoms range from headaches to abdominal cramps etc. and may even lead to reactive arthritis, a sort of joint pain, which may eventually result in chronic arthritis, if left untreated..

Below is the original complaint Facebook post by the complainant:

Here is the exact post details:

Source: Facebook

Do you think it’s right for the said Japanese restaurant to response in this manner in their Facebook page?

Should the said Japanese restaurant do more to contact or assist the complainants?

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